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Great idea! For my needs this would also be handy.  Using the "viewing permissions" in the submission form works well if the information should be private, but if I want to open it for everyone to see answers that have been answered then there is a lot of extra noise. Bummer.  I thought maybe I was missing something that was the key! :) Thanks again for your feedback! What is "priotisation stage" I don't have that in my list of choices.  Also, I am super concerned size and this might get messy for my situation.  I actually have 3 different types of awards that have 4 steps each of process for 8 different divisions/groups.  So I am looking for 24 award winners from 8 different divisions/groups of people. Stage 1: Single Scale by category to have leaders in those divisions rate the submissions. Stage 2: Development to gather additional information on the top candidates from stakeholders. Stage 3: HELP STEP.  Ranking step of some sort, i.e. take the top candidates from each division and give that to top leadership at that divisions and then have them rank/identify the winners, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc.  Stage 4: Development, taking the 24 different winners and gathering final information from business stakeholders.   Rinse and Repeat 2 more times :)  Thanks for engaging!  I really appreciate feedback! I would also like to see this enhancement.  For one of our particular steps we have to gather information from stakeholders, which includes multiple attachments.  There isn't a way to mass download these and would love some way to hit a button and gather all attachments at once. I would also like to be able to set up rules based on static dates.  For example, move my top three rated candidates to the next stage on a particular date when is closed. I would also like this feature!
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