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Name : Michelle Brown
Job Title: Director Account Management
Work History: Account Management / Customer Success / Account Executive / Sales
Expert Skills: innovation / account management / product management / process improvement
thanks for submitting this @Julie Bulas we will look into this, see if its a quick fix we can do to help you with efficiency :) @Sarah Magluyan Thanks for detailing out the situation and potential solution @Ed Danis @Alex Imberti FYI awesome!! letting Sean know in case he no longer receives notifications.. i still keep in contact with him, trying to get Farmers to quit Spigit and come to BI :) Thanks @Sarah Magluyan very exciting!  @RobPoole please have a look at let us know what you think :) @RobPoole is this what you currently use label edit in Post Idea 1.0 for? @Sarah Magluyan i heard that product may be adding ability to search by Idea Code in NGA, which would be a step towards addressing this need - is that correct?   thanks. similar idea https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D11884  (@Admin, link?) similar idea https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D14078 (@Admin, link?) i believe this is now implemented, since we have the new tab in Idea Boards "My Votes" correct? i think that technically you could edit a profile field to be called "expert skills" and sync your roster search field to it, but i assume that field would not be the one leveraged in team building app.. @Alex Imberti @Joseph Larko  correct? Thanks Ant, that worked! :) in talking to @RobPoole sounds like an easier assist for this would be to have an option to default to the NGA List View instead of the NGA Pipeline Steps View.  @Anthony Madama do we have a way currently to do this in the navigation? hi Rob!  More than happy to handle this!! :)  one of many reasons that the new Pipeline backend is better!  thanks for letting us know Met with Lucie and discussed the need in more detail: Button visible to admins and evaluators on the View Idea 2.0 page, which navigates to the Action Items Manager List, ideally filtered by the Idea Code. Currently Idea Code is not filterable in the Action Items Manager, so this would have to be added to the Action Items Manager. @lucies i think this is similar to what you are requesting, tho was in reference to including entire comment in email.  It does not address the need you brought up, add idea title to the email. I agree. wonder if the brightidea product team has this on the roadmap to bring back the feature. also, ability to search by Idea Code is not currently possible, and would be very helpful. I like it!  thanks for the suggestion :) though you could also give them access to the basic mobile app? thank you Rob, that helps! Hi @RobPoole can you tell us specifically where you experience this? for "date last touched" is that an additional info field? Makes total sense @RobPoole - if your current tool (Tableau) doesnt work with APIs then my suggestion is definitely not an option. @Alex Imberti I think if using pipeline workflow, you may not need to export on this data as you will visually see if ideas are 'stuck' in the process @Anthony Madama @Alex Imberti i think this manual step could be completely avoided by using the pipeline workflow, add a step with 24hour threshold. @Anthony Madama Hi Kathy! have you considered leveraging our API to export the data you want to report on, and maybe tie into a corporate metrics/reporting tool you use for other reporting needs? If all the key fields are available via our API, and you have a robust reporting tool available to use, it may better suit your needs? https://developer.brightidea.com/_documentation
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