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Name : André St-Martin
Job Title: Lead Innovation Strategist
Work History: In my previous role at Emerson as Lead innovation Strategist, I defined and shared the best practices in innovation while managing all campaigns.
Expert Skills: Innovation Management <br>Incl. facilitate innovation processes and use of tools within our company. <br> <br>Project management. New Product Introduction. Product LifeCycle Management (PLM, PDM), Power design. System Engineering. Process Improvements.
I thought i would have loved that too, but, I have found I needed to change category for ideas often, incorrect ones, evolution of the campaign, refinement of the categories and preferred to have a more generic form per campaign. Also, the longer and more complex the form is, the less likely you will get the inputs from people. I nevered deleted users, only de-activated them I have re-assigned ideas when needed, for example, after a mass upload from migration from another manual input system. Ask if that functionality is there for you. Can you expand how people got discreationary points without having been on the WS? If a person has not logged in, they should not have activity points? This could help the community review your thought. did you try html codes? not sure if that would work in this case, but often times, it does or, to help time to load pages, help bandwidth consumption of infrastructure, could it be re-sized automatically as it is loaded, compressed and sized? I have seen this on viadeo social network. users should load large pics, not for profiles I agree with not being the enterprise email. It could be the contact us, but, for proposal and idea reviews, it should be set different, or at least have that option to be different than the contact us for the cmapaign. The person supporting the campaign's question may be different than the lead reviewer, team lead to project manage the next stes with an option for the user to unsusbcribe from these going forward? at bottom of mail, and as option in profile? You can create a mailbox and assign it to a user (your mail administrator can help you). It can even be configured to not only receive but only send with the email used by the system (like to reply, or send news bulleting directly from your in-house mail server) I have not used a "donotreply" email. I always went back to a real attendant. as an alternative, which I have used most of the time, I have created a widget with "for more info, please contact...", typically the campaign manager, or the lead for this campaign. And, additional info for help with the tool, a helpme@... For wide access campaign, I used a specific email, with the mailbox confguration as described above. as an option perhaps, or as a prompt, but not automatically and for all. How would this convert in reports is another aspect to consider before implementation. that could be interesting. It may allow to display help in a second language too. ok, and agree with principles. When I think about how this would be valued compared to a new idea or a comment build-up, I am not sure how I would attribute the number of points. I used to set 3 points for an idea, 2 for a comment, and had 1 for promote (or demote), a tag would be 0.1 or same as a promotion? Could you use the date field in ideasè report and filter between two dates? and, when adding a new question, have the option to add to the master template? David, In my previous instance, I had a script in a widget that would generate an email in the user's default mail to "share this idea". It was using the html command mailto, with subject and content field suggested. yes, and, possiblity of reverting back to enterprise defaults? Interesting - would this for end users, or mainly for admin? How would you foresee it being used by end users? perhaps some additional examples of filters? Admin can generate advanced filters from the Excel report. This would enable to build on Beta, work some issues out without mixing with the full blown production environment support. And, if the admin could get a list of the beta features enabled on his/her system. For the enterprise instance I was managing,we had a list of beta features turned-on and available. But it was manually tracked. Not easy, David, about your entry on categories and Enterprise communities, this could be a great way to test live new ways to manage communities for Brightidea - one enterprise with different webstorms requiring different access but some that are commonly accessible (like sub-enterprises). Now, we have an enterprise config or seperate and independant webstorms when users cannot or should not see the full entreprise. Yes, for the one-of, I understand your point and suggestion to have it as oan ption (default not to send?) The originator adding to commenters is an essential part of building on the ideas in my opinion. Understand that some may try to work the system (cheat) - but likely rare (at least in enterprises), perhaps the count should exclude the comments we hide? and exclude all flag, report. if you change status when selecting change webstorm, you have the option of unselecting the send email! see enclosed. This is in the manage webstorm at Enterprise level. You select same campaign, same category=, same status. A workaround! ah... same instance, different vanity URLs. I get it. Ran into same and support folks had recommended doing what you just did! Having a new login forces the user to make a conscious decision that they changing environment. This ensures there is a break and reminds the user to contain the info of one site within that site. Multiple session in different sites may open risks in IP or errors in my opinion. If you have two main sites, use two different browsers (e.g. IE and Firefox) see previous submission on ties with MS Communicator for example. This would allow Instant Messaging too. I use bulk import all the time, even for single user, preventing sending emails invitations.
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