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great idea, Dakota! @Chris Clobus aka Leonard from Memento... yes there is an option for attachments on comments. if it were up to me, id enable for everyone and deprecate option. :) not sure my intent from that while back... I can remove if need be. yes. I would agree. I can update. @Chris Clobus @Ryan Arnaudin @Chris Clobus @Carlos Cajilig  - new filtering sniper shots for action items... Thanks for this, Lisa! @Ryan Arnaudin Hello Lindsey - If you navigate to:, you will see a warning message at the top. (See attached screenshot). Therefore, I do not advise you to update anything in the scorecard, as it may impact your data.  Right now, the functionality still remains whereby any updates to the scorecard, post trigger, may result in issue to answer data. If this is something that is super critical, let us know and I will see what other available options are on the table to edit your questions. Thank you for your continued participation in this forum!  Cheers, Anthony @Chris Clobus  @Carlos Cajilig  @Ryan Arnaudin  :) added tags... @Carlos Cajilig - super quick win, customer on the phone today said this is a painful process and their #1 - is there anyway you can prioritize this? this came up again with Cox (Laurie) - who wants to send follow ups after initiatives Vincent asked for this again via email @Carlos Cajilig  - lets not forget to update this idea when ur feature goes out. @Chris Clobus  - heads up :) @Carlos Cajilig @Ryan Arnaudin @Chris Clobus  - another quick win? Hi Marti - You are correct, this idea was meant for the older version of our Rules Engine. I will ensure your need is communicated to our team. Apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you! Cheers, Anthony @Carlos Cajilig  @Ryan Arnaudin @Chris Clobus  - quick win Lindsey:  Hi Anthony,   It is the secondary evaluation form for the You can make it better initiative. I wanted to eliminate a question and shorten the evaluation a bit. However, I don’t want to lose the information we’ve collected thus far.   Thank you, Lindsey Hi Lindsey - Thank you for your submission! We have been doing some internal review on this idea - and wanted to learn more from you: What exact changes do you want to make to the scorecard template? Do you have specific text to replace it with? If you could point us to that scorecard in your system - that would be helpful as well. :)  Let us know at your earliest convenience. Once we have that information, we can move forward with our investigation. Thank you! Cheers, Anthony Hey Matt -  I just tagged @Nate Lalau to double check, administrators are crippled to drastically change the scorecard template once they are assigned to evaluators. See screenshot. Administrators will potentially jeopardize the scorecard answer data, once a scorecard template is updated. Whereby, if a scorecard was sent out, and answers were filled in, then the admin updates that scorecard template - the admin would then see issues in exporting and in history, amongst other things - hence why we put a message at the top and control the ability to edit the scorecard if it falls in that situation... with that said, let me see if @Ron or @Nate Lalau can help do a one-time fix in the meantime... Hello - Thank your for submission - we wanted to follow up on this request.  There is an option available to you in Initiative setup whereby administrators can enable the option to vote on comments.  It can be found in Site Setup --> Ideas --> Comments --> Voting on Comments  Our knowledge base article is here: Let us know if you have any issue enabling or have any questions. Thank you. Cheers, Anthony Brightidea Customer Success @Carlos Cajilig @Ryan Arnaudin @Chris Clobus - idea boards quick win?
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