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Like Chris M mentions, having the ability to specify how many evaluators each idea will be assigned would assist greatly with how we'd like to manage some of our pipelines and challenges. Agreed - as much as I like the new solve app layout, I do miss the ability for customization, specifically the MY DRAFT IDEAS widget. Having the capability to import and export business impact data via API or even Excel would greatly support adoption with our teams. Agreed - one of our submission forms actually is incrementally filled in as the idea is incubated and developed through proof of concept, prototyping and piloting. For ideas in the early front end stages, there will be many fields that will remain empty for some period of time. This would greatly help for instances where we have a large number of submission fields, but the fields will only incrementally get filled in as the idea develops and matures. This is especially important where we have ideas starting in our Suggest initiative. Then as the idea matures, it will be copied over to an Incubate pipeline with the exact same name. When users are searching, they'll see the identical idea names in the Search results, but will not know which one is the Suggest instance or the Incubate instance, Our team is definitely looking to have Brightidea support this above capability within the tool itself, rather than needing a separate schedule management application. Even the ability to extract these schedule components via API or .csv would help better facilitate schedule management.  Also from an overall idea portfolio management perspective, having the ability to see all idea milestones & to-dos/tasks on one view would be helpful.
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