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Work History: WDO Innovation work with the culture of innovation and helping companies communicate that message throughout the organisation and their ecosystem. We are now looking to create more focused and manageable relationships through the use of the Brightidea platform.
@JGacioch priotisation stage was just a name i gave it for where you could have multiple steps using the stack rank tool .. but it seems like you have it figured out. @JGacioch  as a workaround you could create a priotisation stage and put in multiple stack rank steps. then distribute on category (or anything else you would care to) I'm just saying .. this is something I've been asked for twice now ... what are the chances of getting something like this? And if this was something to come .. would be nice, to be able to add more than one person as well as have the ability to restrict to one or add multiple. Partially implemented? This is a linked idea: https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D15195 Not the same .. but close enough Link please: https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D17485 Yes, that would work, thanks!! Although having thought about it .. that would require the user to be in the platform and not all are .. the ability to just add an email address also would be good. That could auto-trigger an email to that person and create an account .. give it a little more stickiness. Hi @Vincent Carbone  just wondering if it was something that would maybe get some traction. I commented instead of adding the same idea. Would be nice to have .. we had a specific request today to do this and because we can't, to deliver on something, we're going to rename some responses and then edit the submissions. It will look / work better so we put the time into it. Any news on this? Hi Chris, create an initiative, add two or three widgets and then move them about. You'll find you only have one background colour or you still have two but they don't alternate. More to the point and back to the original idea .. it would be nice if there was an easy way to change the background colour of a widget section. @Alisha  add this line of css to your design section: table.details_stats_container, div#linked_ideas { display: none !important } you can now use the additional questions to basically do this .. it does mean you cant use category assignment in scorecard or rating .. but there are ways to work around that too .. This has been submitted before ... so needed. @Matthew Greeley thanks for the comment .. any update? @Matthew Greeley  what do you think? Sorry George, I'd need to be able to see the page .. have you tried Support. I'm sure Ron or Nate would be able to help. @George it is quite a simple change - a little CSS, do you have an admin at the company you can ask? Hi @Alisha as a temporary workaround, if you add the below into your design CSS, it will remove it: #ws_view_idea_2 .board-voting-disabled { display: none!important; } This comment was removed by the submitter I'm liking this just because there is an idea image ... and you should be able to do this how about .. just for the submit idea page .. not publish the submit idea button you have in navigation? we wanted to embed in the idea, like just adding a youtube link .. instead and because this is a showcase stage where we're presenting the results the best opportunities after we've workshopped the ideas into concepts, we've created custom pages for the top 16 and embedding youku manually so all 20,000 employees can see ... but importantly the 3,000 in china also but this is a nice solution. we might panic over the weekend and transfer to this. just need to test in china first ;) I should say .. while I still think this a good idea and in essence having the ability to embed more is also good We've found a workaround for this for our specific needs now ... Boom. This should be standard! When @Matthew Greeley  likes an idea .. you know it's coming soon!
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