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Name : Damian Dugdale
Work History: WDO Innovation work with the culture of innovation and helping companies communicate that message throughout the organisation and their ecosystem. We are now looking to create more focused and manageable relationships through the use of the Brightidea platform.
reach out to your account manager - there is a beta feature you have to be aware that its early .. but it can be used  dont tell anyone I told you :) Requested by a customer this week .. not nice having to click through every submission to find applications. Link to  https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D17851 please This must be a bug .. but if not, voted. same here - we have a lot of text, but look at what we have to write to make it clear: If you have a AD account, click the box at the bottom of this form labelled Log In with Company Name SSO. If you do not have a AD account, create an account using your work email address. To create an account click the register link below. Once created login using the form below (email address and password). and we use that also for specific challenges it's just not ideal. you don't want to have to have two addresses based on login capability or then have to have a big banner to say click here once logged in (for those users logging in with an email / password on brightidea) ideal would be a big button at the top that says, click here to login with your COMPANY credentials, instead of hiding that button at the bottom Would love Google drive I raised the question around the geographic map last week .. it's IP number, so it depends on the IP number assigned. with one initiative, despite having people all over the world, because they are the same group, the IP number was Milan ..  but regarding the numbers in the dashboard, they don't add up for us either all the time. and it is a little confusing @Luca Passoni  invite link https://join.slack.com/t/bi-users/shared_invite/enQtNDM5MTk1NTM3NzUwLThjZWIxNmMyZjczNDkzZjBlOWYwMDNjOTU3ZDIzNGU1ZDg3ZDU2M2NkNWE5OTY1NGM0N2FlNjk0ZDI3YjNlMzE Perfect. It's not nice having to pull multiple reports ... Fantastic idea .. should be vote for everyone working with innovation @Matthew Greeley @Brian Brown @Paul Tran right? maybe customisable canvases? when does pairwise start and stop, triggered by a step and communication? will you limit the number of ideas a user sees and what happens if they don't complete all of them? so we can remove the 'cloud' icon at the bottom left and add our own logo? Thanks @Chris Clobus we were playing with it last week :) And it looks great. Just to take this one step further. If you're in the manage of a step i.e.  https://my.brightidea.com/app/pipeline/7777/step/10777/manage/progress if you export that list ... it doesn't fully match up what is displayed. if you have cancelled an action item it doesn't show so the numbers for each evaluator are not what is displayed in the step visual if what we pulled (export) from this page showed that, it would also be nice Hi @Gonzalo Jara  what is programs pro? @JGacioch priotisation stage was just a name i gave it for where you could have multiple steps using the stack rank tool .. but it seems like you have it figured out. @JGacioch  as a workaround you could create a priotisation stage and put in multiple stack rank steps. then distribute on category (or anything else you would care to) I'm just saying .. this is something I've been asked for twice now ... what are the chances of getting something like this? And if this was something to come .. would be nice, to be able to add more than one person as well as have the ability to restrict to one or add multiple. Partially implemented? This is a linked idea: https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D15195 Not the same .. but close enough Link please: https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D17485 Yes, that would work, thanks!! Although having thought about it .. that would require the user to be in the platform and not all are .. the ability to just add an email address also would be good. That could auto-trigger an email to that person and create an account .. give it a little more stickiness.
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