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Name : Kathy Ternes
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Love this! Being about to sort by date or category when searching would be huge. I submitted this for Anna Spens on our team. Adding @RobPoole and @Michelle Brown for visibility. This idea was submitted on behalf of Anna Spens from our team. Adding @Michelle Brown for visibility. This appears to be fixed now. When I click into the Search box, the word "search" disappears and I'm able to immediately type my information. This can be close or marked as implemented/completed. Adding @Anthony Madama to change the status. Adding @Julie Bulas , @RobPoole, @ldean and @Michelle Brown for visibility. Love this idea! We have had this request too and it would save our team quite a bit of time if our team members could run and schedule this report on their own instead of requesting it from us. @Michelle Brown - adding you for visibility. Also adding @ldean. Adding @RobPoole, @Shannon Ryan, and @Julie Bulas for their thoughts on how adding an owner could be helpful to us. See how the attachments tab says (1) but when you click on the tab, there's nothing there? I keep trying to add an attachment but it's auto deleting it. @RobPoole @Michelle Brown I meant to note that I'm submitting this request on behalf of Amita Shah. I also think that grouping messages, either by idea status, or idea number, would be an improvement. We received Cheese D24389 from Mayer Stein about organizing the Daily Digest better. I'm attaching an example of a Daily Digest from Mayer. I'd also like the team member to select their preference for board or list view on the "View Ideas" page. See Cheese D24204 from Edward Sosnoski. Yes, exactly. He wants to use a certain font and font size when he submits his ideas. He has submitted 414 ideas in our platform and this is the only request we've had for this. @Anthony Madama - you can close this idea as the solution already exists. I was going to delete my idea but it looks like I can't. I agree with this! I really, really miss the bookmark feature in the "old" backend. I struggle with this daily, especially since we have 2,000 active ideas to sort through. Adding @Michelle Brown for visibility. @SRyan just mentioned this today and wondered why demote comments weren't added to comments. I really miss this feature. You can add tags to one or more ideas on the backend. It appears that this has changed. I'm not seeing the random 5 characters after the name anymore. I've attached a screen shot of two duplicate names. I like that you can see the email address as we can use this to tell people apart. @Kuhan Milroy - are you seeing the same thing? @Anthony Madama - I think you can move the status of this one to Completed. I'm glad that we got the main comments fixed. It's amazing how much one little thing can make your life better.
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