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Hi @Matthew Greeley,  This would not be a single summary of all the evaluation tools' results; it would be the final score of each evaluation tool used in that particular campaign pipeline.   For this use-case, I am not interested in exporting the individual evaluator results, as yes, that could get very messy. Please see the attached example.  In most of our campaigns, the Sponsor and stakeholders like to have all of the evaluation information right in front of them, preferably in an excel, at the time they choose a winner.  I understand that all evaluation results are in the idea itself under the evaluations tab, but this requires the user to go into each idea to read-only that info, one by one.  They want something like the attached example. I don't think it's possible to miss those duplicates! I would also like to be able to reorder the additional info questions. Hi @Anthony Madama.  Yes, I discuss a few situations in . An additional case would be using the Recognize App.  I would like line managers to nominate individuals, and have employees endorse one another by voting and commenting. Setting  permissions, such as read-only, voting, and commenting at the user group would be a great idea. I like your idea and feel that there should be some sort of end-user participation survey in the platform.  As a work-around for us, I placed a hyperlink to a survey in the 'Idea Received' automatic email that goes to users upon idea submission. @Steve Healey, I agree, and suggest that we are able to assign other privileges, such as commenting, voting to specific user groups. I see what you're saying now. I recently used the' assign to category' feature, which worked well for us.  I just assigned evaluators for each idea category that we established. I don't have the condition 'submitted by.' As a work-around, I am able to set the condition to 'Idea Submitted,' and the action to 'change visibility: hidden,' however this hides all ideas until an administrator can review the idea and change visibility. I am hoping to only automatically hide anonymous submissions.
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