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That might work but often people aren't looking at the front page of the initiative too intently. The top half of the page is dedicated to the logo and the buttons (one of which is to submit the idea) but the status info is below the fold and can, depending on browser zoom or resolution settings, require a scroll and then it gets missed entirely. We also have Submit idea buttons for the main initiative on the Enterprise level as well so there are ways to skip that front page. Just to update/clarify my idea This request is for two things: 1. Having the ability to decide all of the different fields you can use or not use and slide them around in any order you would like. That means breaking the mandatory form fields versus custom submission form delineation. Say for whatever reason I want Description to be at the bottom of the page. I could do it with a fully customizable page. Say I think category should be the first field at the top. A fully customizable form would allow that.  Rather than locking the display into two parts, make it where the mandatory fields work on the same layout as the custom submission fields. Maybe a backend toggle can set the basic mandatory fields to default and then by unchecking that box, you unlock the form and decide for yourself what you want to display. 2. Having the ability to create custom submission forms that are triggered off of category selection so that you can capture specific items a category might require. This is a must. Action History is sort of pointless right now. Yes, you can see when points were assigned but that's the only real use here. If you add date to the first column and slide Points to the right of the action, you'd be able to provide both sets of data. ALSO, actions should go beyond registered, promoted an idea, etc. It should show any time a user was blocked/unblocked as well. From an administrative point of view I can then investigate when they were blocked and try to figure out the why. What chain events created this? Was it an action made by a human? Errant info in a feed? Right now I have no idea why someone might have been blocked in our system and there are times where it seems random. @Michelle Brown Just seeing this now. We submitted one of these as well I believe. When merging or linking ideas it closes comments off for one of the ideas. If we put a comment in to let the user know it's merged, we shouldn't have to change the status for both individually since the ideas are now linked and if one idea is implemented or closed, both are. Without this addition we've actually moved to closing one of the ideas even if there are slight differences between the two in favor of the first opened idea since updating multiple ideas that are linked adds an additional manual step that slows the process down. Cool idea! In addition, maybe something that could count off days since last submission (that could be seen on the back end as well possibly on the User Activity Report - some users have asked when a user's first submission was and then the time frame between those submissions). Engaging team members in a way that reminds them of their last activity spurs them to take action more often. Yes! Now that we can use links that bypass Steps to go to List View, that works very well for us. We anticipate using Steps in the future but some challenges don't need too complex of a review process and List View is all they really need. For those, having the ability to change up the Nav link handles this perfectly. Thanks! Hi Anthony! I've seen it but doesn't that limit the callout to the Submitter? The purpose of the idea here is really making a celebration of the implementation of an idea. Say we didn't go the route of a specialized comment box to announce implementation... what about moving to that status and that drives a different colored page with some added balloons or firework clipart on the corners. Again the whole purpose here is to callout an implementation and celebrate the achievement of this. Interesting. I haven't used Communities but on our Enterprise home page there is a section that shows all of the challenges and you can activate widgets, select the checkbox above the page section that displays the challenges and use checkboxes to determine what to display on the site and on the mobile app. It also includes a slider bar to move these around and reorder.  I feel like with this already built out on an enterprise level, maybe it would be easy to leverage from a communities standpoint? Adding @Jesse Leone for his thoughts on this. In addition to this, just the basic ability to delete or clear fields. If you selected a drop down previously but now it doesn't apply, you're stuck with it. Being able to clear the fields as a whole would be a win. So this has become a big thing for us recently as well. We need this capability. Right now we have 104 categories. We're trimming down to 18. That's to make it easier for the users that come to the Webstorm to suggest their ideas. However for us from a workflow point of view, we still need these categories. The ambassadors still need subscriptions to those categories. For an idea submitter, 104 categories is too many to sift through but for the specialization in our business we have different sets of ambassadors for all 104 areas. We created a custom submission form field called "Business Area Sub-Category" but this process is a mess. First, you cannot reorder the drop-down question fields so if you add a new one for a new category, it's stuck at the bottom. Second, you cannot delete these fields so if you want to condense categories or remove some all together - even if you make sure that no ideas are labeled with that specific question field, it doesn't allow you to remove it. Third, you cannot subscribe ambassadors to these question fields. Fourth, you cannot filter and build a static link using the Pipeline feature because Pipeline links ONLY work off of the forced out of the box fields and NOT off of custom submission fields (which as a whole needs to be changed on it's own merits). For us, changing to a challenge per business area is also a no-go. We've had an open challenge for years. Our team members are trained to come to one place for everything and we'd now be telling them to make sure they know the specific challenge they need to go into. If someone goes into banking and had an idea for facilities, they now have to know to go back out to the enterprise and dig around for the right challenge. Communities, if it were built out better and had some serious features added to it could help solve some of the navigational challenge here. But for now, there's no question that a Sub-Categories setup that works exactly like Categories does is a definite MUST HAVE for us at some point. @Michelle Brown and @Sarah Magluyan - can we revisit and possibly reopen this? Yep. We'd still need label edit just because some challenges aren't necessarily collecting the same type of data but for our main challenge specifically, this would whittle label down to make for a much cleaner label experience. Actually I am still having the issue. It's isolated to me on my team and only to Chrome. I've disabled all plug ins and updated to the newest versions and none of it has worked. What was resolved earlier this week to the best of my knowledge was the sort by ascending/descending was sorting 2017 first and then all previous dates. That appears to be fixed. See above. :) Unfortunately in our pipeline, I only see up arrows. There are no options for down arrows to help us sort these columns. (I have a screen shot I could post but that's not turned on in your post comment options). Additional requirements (note by Pipeline, I mean the Search in List View): Searching more than just the title field - like Description field, tags, comments. Ability to choose parameters to add or remove for the search function would be a cherry on top. Right now the limitation of searching only by title makes this search practically useless. Didn't see this other one. Definitely want this. Users can create any skills they have (yes, that means that similar skills are likely worded differently by different users). Similar to how you fill it in on Brightidea actually. You enter a skill and it turns into a tag on that system. Looking again, there is something similar but not the same that we submitted: D10403. That is quite specific to one type of action. Being able to use custom date fields in general as part of the rules engine would be beneficial. What I am noticing as a trend with our requests is that if the Brightidea app treated custom submission form fields the same as the standard fields, it would solve for a lot of our front and backend requests.  It would provide more rules engine rules to solve for communication issues. It would allow us to filter on the backend and create bookmarks around those custom submission form fields. It would allow us to easily map over data from one webstorm to the next (right now the default submission form fields transfer perfectly. Custom submission form fields are a total mess when they move.) After discussing this further, since we can add tags in bulk on the Pipeline > List View screen, there really isn't a need for this additional feature and this idea can be closed out. @Michelle Brown - can you handle this? So I saw this on another website for Unilever. I believe this is put together by a competitor of yours and if you see here, there is the search bar and then three filter categories. You can find their main search under View Ideas and while Brightidea does have some filtering under View Ideas, it doesn't include searching and you have to work your way through large lists of ideas so long as they are in the category you are looking at and the status you're searching through. Imagine though a search with these additional features on Brightidea... I don't know how I missed your reply! We have internally talked about an implemented webstorm and it's still potentially on our radar. As for the second one we do a Cheese of the Month email that calls out the most impactful implemented ideas and then include a PDF/Excel attachment with all of the implemented ideas for the month (usually around 70-75). So we do externally call those things out. It would be kind of cool though to be able to have a way to display this on the actual idea page. An additional webstorm is nice but for our users the moment they're clicking outside of the main challenge, we don't seem to keep them on the site for very long. We're still working out the kinks of breaking apart the main idea collection challenge though so an additional challenge workaround may be the best option. Still, I'd love to see some colorful template call out options available within an idea because I think it would really make an idea pop more and provide an additional piece or recognition that our TMs could take pride in. So I just put this code with the address for the specific webstorm in the footer part of the design on each webstorm? That seems pretty handy! Any way to swap the logo out on each webstorm as well? Unfortunately based on our current intake of ideas in our main webstorm, steps is not really a viable option at the moment. The main challenge has something like 23-24,000 ideas in it and steps runs very slow, ineffectively with that mass of ideas. We're investigating ways to break this out currently so that could help in that regard but current state, we're probably not positioned to use steps on this particular webstorm. Yes. Specifically on Custom Date Fields in the Submission Form. Right now that date could be a few months old and you're scrolling through a few months on the calendar page to find the current date. Or we had an issue a few weeks back that lasted over a week where the date picker was messed up and defaulted to 01/01/1970 and the only way to update was to scroll through it was like 319+ months to get the correct date in there. A today button would set the date picker to the correct date immediately. I forgot this one had been submitted. The new one is a bit more detailed and probably better. Close this one and redirect to the new. Sorry about the noise.
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