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Name : Jorge Sá Couto
Job Title: Innovation Specialist
Work History: iQUBE research is a young high tech start-up company focused on CHANGE, with the mission to manage our customers’ INNOVATION and LEAD R&D PROJECTS with a great value added and substantial risk. <br> <br>We develop our own projects and collaborate with external partners, leading innovation processes and becoming the factor of change for other companies in strategic sectors (aerospace, telecom, electronics, critical software ...). <br>Specialties <br>Innovation Management, Innovation Tools, R&D Project Leading, Software Defined Radio, Image Processing, Autonomous Control, Unmanned Vehicles.
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Using your example, if I change my IdeaSpace password it seems to change the password for BOF or any other system I am registered to. Please Brightidea team correct me if I am wrong, but I have experienced this several times. But Andre, discretionary points does not exist at the WebStorm level. It is an Enterprise feature. To simplify things, this threshold or X number would be defined on the Option box of the widget. In someway it makes it easier, right Jason? And option would only be activated to mature campaigns where there tons of tags. I can see this coming very soon... Am I wrong or am I right? Very glad to see this is now already in beta phase :) Yes, but only deleting by deleting the user you will be able to remove the picture entirely from appearing on the system. Great add!! Hi Andre, First of all thanks for your feedback! I am speaking about different affiliates. When I change my password to enter in, it changes my password in all other I have access to. I think that undermines a lot the security of the systems. Was I able to make the needed clarifications? I would also add something more to this idea. Allow adding groups as Project Teams. Like this we don't have to re-enter all the names manually again. What do you guys think?? Jim Rosenberg, the idea you propose is a must have! Most of our clients everyday ask for it every single day. Although, I think this should be another option under the User tab (on WEBSTORM Setup), where you could add users which will never receive points in that specific WS. And I say WS, because this gives your more flexibility than if you add it at the Enterprise level. Andre, and which solution do you apply to specific WebStorms? Hi Jason, Which solution? As far as I know there is none... Best regards, Jorge C. Sá Couto I agree 200% with this enhancement. Chip Voting is a very useful feature, but we also need a way to measure its usage on our client's WS. With my proposal I am also asking to develop a "mass edition" feature, so you can edit all or most of the profile images at the same time. Sean I couldn't agree more with you. Major companies are ver conservative in their approach to open innovation to everyone inside their walls, and even more when it comes to customers. On the other hand, in a current project we are using a little trick to moderate ideas. All new ideas are automatically hidden, and first status is Pending of Approval. Then a WS Admin or a Moderator can review the content and toggle visibility (aka publish it). If you weren't using this approach I hope you can find it useful. Some of our major clients, which want to launch Open Innovation challenges, are asking for this feature like humans need oxygen. Sean for sure it is enable. But we cant see it because this challenge is a WebStorm of the internal Brightidea Innovation Suite. Since My Landing is only at Enterprise Level we dont have access to it. Am I wrong? Simple but great idea Jim! I think this is critical, because if someone uploads an inappropriate profile image there is no way admins can take it off! Only contacting Brightidea support. And edit images also! Those submissions are now with the tag: multilanguage As all the following ones will be. Matt I know there is so much to do, so "priorization" should be in order :) Thank you guys for such a quick feedback!! Let's hope we can find a solution, because MNE clients which are asking for multi-language systems are pointing out this issue as critical. I guess Pablo has more experience on this than myself. On the other hand, I propose that we link (in this WS) all ideas related to make the Brightidea system 100% multi-language. Since multi-language is a VITAL step to the international expansion of the platform. And I have myself posted some related with this topic. Almost 2 years old... but this is still a geat idea! Adding something more to Pablo's idea; not only a default set of labels but also of all popup messages, which are always hard or sometimes impossible to translate. I have to agree with Pablo that lots of times the site response is very, very slow.
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