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Name : Matthew Greeley
Work History: Proud founder and CEO of Brightidea Inc. A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Startups are often product-centric and characterized by innovation. #FAKEGRIMLOCK
Expert Skills: Check out Brightidea Videos: Twitter: @brightidea @mgreeley
@Shamir Allibhai #1000 #1000 #1000 #alwayson #continuous #adhocscorecarding #1000 @Chris Clobus And make it deep-linkable with filter. Some modern platforms send the original user an email when this occurs. @Carlos Cajilig are you working on submission form stuff currently? @Ron is this a feature we used to have in the old form editor? I'd ask @Feliks Beygel  for LOE. @Ron can we offer a db script update in the immediate term? @Ryan Arnaudin could be an interview candidate for insights... @Ron, see here as well @Ron any thoughts here? (db script) Not sure why we responded as submitter QA... should be a pinned Admin comment, no? @Genevieve Wang  @Nate Lalau did we figure out if we can do a one time db script for them until we can fix this? Seems hot... might consider at 'data loss' @Genevieve Wang Product team has a formula for prioritizing 'critical product maintenance'... @Roderick OConnor should have the details. I'm aware of all the issues... I think the customer is as well...  I feel like they just want to update the title. I'd find out if we can do this for them easily... And then offer it to the customer with caveats. @Anthony Madama  What customer is this?  ARR? Might be worth pushing a "Ron Script" for them one time... should be pretty easy. Regardless we need to fix. Ok, can you share with the submitter? Started a Figma here... @Roderick O'Connor is this ARR:LOE justified?
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