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@Vincent Carbone this would be extremely useful for one of our clients right now. Being able to to create specific communities for different regions with a clear reference to the region directly on the URL (e.g. Could you please invite Giuseppe Coluzzi a colleague of mine to the slack group? he is the coder of the team...How could I include him? @Luca volterrani  would this solve our client problem? @Ron  posted here our suggenstion Any news on this topic? Exactly. The solution Damina gave is working fine yet make it as an option would be useful This was extremely helpful!! Thanks!!!! :-) I think this one was implemented in the last release!!! This is a very useful function we'd also love to have! we would need this as well!! I would say that also non-financial information should be accessible through API.  This way, even if not present at standard, it would be possible to create custom dashboards I would ad "Bug" among the tags of this idea, hopefully gets more attention... This comment was removed by the submitter I've already asked the @Brightidea Support Portal  about this and I think there is a ticket on this Right now the only work around is to use Explorer where the issue is not present (I assume you are using Chrome as it is normal to do :-) ). Try in Internet explorer on my side works fine. By the way another thing would be to make enterprise widgets also available at webstorm level (see I think this might be extremely useful! we have the need of giving weights to scorecards as well! That is true. We are also creating loads of custom frame with html code that we’d like to make available to less skilled users as you said! great! in fact you've got both my vote and comment ;-) Great! please upvote it so that gets more attention from Brightidea :-D Thanks Thanks @Damian Dugdale , I think it is important whenever there are similar ideas to make it clear to the submitter so that he/she can upvote it and make Brightidea aware that more users are on the same page on the need of implementation. Please, could you send me the link of the idea so that I can upvote it? Brad this is something we'd love to have as well!! I've reached this idea thanks to your comment on the idea i posted more recently (! It is something key for a collaboration space! In this direction I've also posted this other idea for managing shared documents integrating dropbox and drive ( Team workspace needs to be made a more collaborative space! This would be useful as well on our side. Specially when you would like to iterate on ideas!!!  If an idea needs to be taken back to previous step for iteration, the action item must be retriggered when it enter the relative step! This is very important for iterative processes!! (see here an idea you might promote on this topic The parameters you mentioned were a functional requirement also on our side.  Another functionality that would be imported through this integration is the tracking of previous versions... Long story short, integration of Dropbox and Google drive woulds be quite important This is key for an agile idea development that leverage on customer feedback to interactively improve! This function would be amazing if coupled with an Iteration tool (see this idea I've posted @Julie Bulas  I see you are also interested in this one. Imagine to send a survey to collect insights about the idea at a give stage and link the survey result to the Iteraton tool. If the survey gives a value below expectation then the idea goes back/move to the step where the team is asked if they want to iterate.  I think both this idea and the one about the iteration tool are both asking to introduce tools/methods that gives the possibility to move away from a standard stage-gate process. Hope Brightidea will catch this improvement suggestion very fast :-) @Luca volterrani I've noticed the same issue and proposed this idea ( In fact to begin with BI could simply allow to flag and deflag webstorm to be included in the reports present within the enterprise dashboards. Right now this can only be done with the research webstorm (that can be excluded form the dashboards).... I like you idea in the sense that from the "Community dashboard" you would get straight away the views that include only the webstorms within that community.  This would be very useful specially if BI give the possibility of restricting community group/admin that at that point would have its own dashboard! At the end of the day, webstorm do work much better under this aspect. It would be enough to be able to decide the name of the path after the URL domain string...
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