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Linked up a few related requests Idea triage This concept has gone by a few names in discussions. Not included in slice 1 or 2 of Move-Copy improvements, but may be considered later. - "Source idea" - "Linked ideas" (noise with existing linked ideas feature) - "Virtual copy" / "virtual twin" - "Copy/clone by reference" - "Entangled" The request is somewhat ambiguous, but I think a combination of individual assignment to find owner, decoupling owner from find owner tool, and bringing owner + find owner out of Suggest-only get at the underlying needs. Linked some duplicate and similar ideas. Some of these option requests that get pretty deep/specific would potentially be good candidates for adding html/css classes/selectors that could be targeted with custom css, like we've done with a few other things lately. E.g. set any questions with "no-response" class to hidden. Another idea is surfacing top keywords/word-cloud/hot-topics/hashtags based on cumulative content of My Ideas in the system. In that case, admins could send more targeted announcements & reminders or event create challenges to incentivize submission of latent ideas around a topic. Also not sure I am getting the issue, but sounds like maybe he wants to use some custom code to highlight/style the active link differently depending on where the user is. For example, if I had a link to Community-A in global nav and am within Community-A, I want to see that link/tab highlighted? Example of embedded Google Drive integration for Confluence: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Confluence-Cloud-articles/A-new-Google-Drive-integration-for-Confluence-Cloud/ba-p/1163227 Allows confluence page to be a "single source of truth" (dont have to leave, link out, search elsewhere) -- parallel to what our ideas/projects should be May be relevant -- User Home feed shows relative time stamp (e.g. 3 hours ago), but detects user agent local timezone on hover to show absolute time (e.g  9:09 PDT). I think this is an end-user expectation, to see things in local time (or preferred time from individual settings) rather than some centralized setup. Seems like the virtual copy/master-with-instances case @Damian Dugdale if you are able to do that with CSS, then yes :) This idea has been successfully implemented as part of the Summer Product Update 2019. Custom CSS will now work on the User Homepage. To learn more about this and other updates to User Homepage, check out the KBA: https://support.brightidea.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007995814  If you have any questions or need more information, please let us know. Thank you for your submission! The submitter brought this up on a call this week. She likened it to organ donors in opt-out vs. opt-in systems. She wants to auto-subscribe the general access groups and force them to opt out if they dont want updates. Could/should be paired with better email control options. Since you may have entered some data & can save a draft, I see it as more of a "discard" which is clearly destructive (label of course could vary bw apps). As such I would make sure the design accommodates for this by being out of the way of the other buttons, multi-step, etc.  I can see this being useful as I have personally ended up with a number of autosave drafts that I decided to cancel/discard/abandon on second thought from Post Idea. A somewhat related problem is that navigating away causes them to accumulate somewhere else, and I am unable to recall them from where they were saved. In many cases I just would have discarded, given the option. @Alisha, thanks for your feedback! I understand your request to be able to toggle this off from within the product.  To get you something in the meantime, you can accomplish this with custom CSS by adding one of the following to Site Setup > Site > Design > Custom CSS. This first option will hide the entire overlay: #votes {  visibility: hidden; } This will hide only the "voting disabled" text: .board-voting-disabled {  visibility: hidden; } Hope that helps get you what you need in the short term. @Gonzalo Jara  This particular issue should be fixed. Text and links should only paste once. Let us know if you are still seeing this somewhere. Would also help with populating User Home activity feed in its current state. Hubspot persona builder also has a tool akin to a customizable canvas builder (click "skip walkthrough" to jump ahead): https://www.hubspot.com/make-my-persona For reference/example, here's a Lean Canvas built in Whimsical https://whimsical.co/XEuZQRRyhwGki1J6TBYjgx Should definitely continue to keep an eye on this and give it due consideration. If more companies start using Brightidea like we do with more always-on ideaboxes or continuous initiatives, I could see "quick submit" being a nice add.  Adding some more thoughts and history for when we come back to this... Initially "quick capture" was designed only for My Ideas for a few reasons. (1) simply scoping and slicing of work :-) (2) "quick submit" would be a pretty big departure from how initiatives and submissions work today and would require us to reconcile additional form questions. "Create Submission" workflow is a more gradual first step or teaser towards it (3) My Ideas was kicked off largely through a Programs lens, as a neutralizer against always-on pipelines and suggestion boxes. Since My Ideas are currently always private, this places management and ownership clearly on end users until ideas are submitted to targeted challenges. A future exploration could be how My Ideas, or capabilities from it, could be applied in an always-on innovation culture. Thanks.  I think Confluence does a good job of this now with their section editor. You can add any number of sections that are shown with a hashed-outline container, then choose between different column layouts within the section. When we were working with templates for PPro, one of the big issues was that the containers are invisible and sometimes 0 height, so it requires hacking in the browser code to get anything to work as expected. A jira issue could be thought of analogous to a BI idea. They present all of the core data for an issue on a single page without tabs, including attachments which are listed out and can be added as drag-and-drop or click-and-browse right on the ticket. (Activity & Worklogs sections are tabbed on the page, however.) Trello cards are also similar.
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