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Name : Damian Dugdale
Work History: WDO Innovation work with the culture of innovation and helping companies communicate that message throughout the organisation and their ecosystem. We are now looking to create more focused and manageable relationships through the use of the Brightidea platform.
Some CSS for you for the design tab of that Webstorm: #main_idea_container #idea-sidebar #sidebar-preview #idea-preview-hero .status {     display: none!important; } Same as here https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D19672 maybe ServiceNow also .. Love this idea. It creates so many options with the actions, especially when creating your own groups via SSO or some other means and send to a specific email address! So quick to post a comment. It's not implemented. It's the URL redirect functionality that is implemented .. so you can have a friendly URL but it still goes to the community URL Sorry IMPLEMENTED baby .. essentially what i'm going for. it's the review tool but with an actual purpose For now @Gonzalo Jara we're simply sending notifications to teams via rules engine in an idea world, i'd want to sit down and look at all the possible functionality. essentially though a submission form and idea list in teams. if you click on an idea, it takes you to brightidea from a settings perspective, you have an option in site setup that allows you as an admin of brightidea and teams to connect the pipeline to a teams channel and you have a tab at the top - it has to look different to how it does now, so it's not jsust embedding thats an idea world Implemented! We fixed this with CSS in case anyone ever needs this. When a submission is displayed instead of it saying expertise required, you can now change it to anything you want: #expertise-container .question-title {     visibility: hidden;     position: relative; } #expertise-container .question-title:after {          visibility: visible;     position: absolute;     top: 0;     left: 0;     content: "What ever you want it to say here"; } this is implemented, right? This part @chris Fowells  we should be able to do with the email address for the particular Teams channel .. so new idea, let the channel know. Idea at 'team building' stage for example .. let channel know Etc. @Roderick OConnor @Matthew Greeley do you like this idea? we're thinking it could also be valuable for the Gig app we're working with a customer on - they essentially asked for a way to build this with the API earlier today Any feedback on this ... last June we thought this a good idea. Today we think it an awesome idea and the customer that we added it for is keen to know if this is something that can happen in the platform or if they should look at other solutions. How about, as well as move, you can also copy. We have a manual process whereby when an idea is confirmed as something we're going to investigate, it is manually copied to another Pipeline so it can be worked on with a specific team - but we want it to remain in the initial Webstorm for reporting and comms essentially everything at /app Command Center i appreciate you need to take another approach when building for a mobile device over a desktop but mobile is the number one now .. there is no disputing this you can do this now .. for comms purposes using javascript in the header to redirect from one to the other. i'll add the code in slack Any news on this .. I think everyone would love to have this implemented. If you disagree, leave a comment. cheeky workaround: development action item? they're not getting added to the team, but they can work with the idea if you create development questions .. assuming you're going to want them to answer something else other than the idea that was submitted. And can I add ... placeholder text? Also for all other free text submissions ;) @Gonzalo Jara  @pgarden  @Ollie   see attached. it's css and ajax. create a html widget and add it to that on the same page you have the recent ideas widget. you'll also want to hide this widget with css inside the design tab you'll need to change url, change the ids in the script and css based on your actual IDs from page happy to walk anyone through this and remember, use at your own peril but works for us Paste this into the design tab: #ws_view_idea_2 .board-voting-disabled { display: none!important; } We have done this for lastest 3 or 5 ideas added. Happy to share the code if interested.
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