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In addition, was there any rule responsible for an automatic status change perhaps, and was it related to the completion of an action item? Full support - I think this older idea is trying to solve the same problem: Allow rules engine to append 'comments' to ideas in public forum (D10233) This is a pain point that I can confirm as an actual end-user myself now. Being on the Product Management side of the fence now, I miss not having this feature. I have currently 36 Development action items in my backlog, and can only see one at a time. I miss not being able to see the complete view now to prioritize from one shot which out of the 36 I will work on next. Thanks Sarah - having recurring time triggers would be very helpful. We would appreciate any way to more flexibly reassign action items. We're having similar problems but not sure we're talking about exactly the same step type and use case. We use a Review Step with Category Assignment as our first pre-screen step.  This is where all our ideas land. Sometimes users submit in the wrong category.  When the evaluator of that category checks the idea, they may change its category.  However this does not result in the reassignment of the action item itself, which we believe would be the obvious logical thing that ought to happen. So our problem is twisted: Idea Category Owner not reassigned when changing Category! Thank you! Been using that feature quite a bit already! Hi @Sarah Magluyan  could I please ask you to help me understand the meaning of Incorporated as this status? I could really do with a recurring time based rule, should a new idea be submitted or is this one still 'active'? Hi Sarah, good to hear thanks. Is this feature already released in production? I'm seeing votes still listed in "years ago" rather than with the actual date, see attached a screenshot from today with front-end and back-end view of the same idea. We have an update to our permanent webstorm to make, we're introducing more product managers, more steps, hence now more rules! We're at 120+ rules, are there any planned enhancements such as this one to decrease the time this update is going to take? It would be great to be able to export all action items (step, stage, action item status, who & when) in one go (we have many steps) from the same pipeline. Thank you! I noticed it already and it helps a lot. Great idea. Grouping of rules would greatly help us. We also have a long term challenge and currently 120+ rules. Anything to improve the ease with which we can work in that list would be greatly appreciated.  Try to clone a rule e.g. #13, then drag it back from the bottom of the list e.g. #121, up to manually insert it at order #14...  (One of the reasons for which our list of rules is long in the first place is because we have multiple rules for multiple triggering events, operating on the same conditions, performing the same actions - if we could have a single rule triggered by multiple events that would remove several rules in our use case. E.g. a single rule for days in current status = 10, 20, 30 - we have 3 rules for that scenario for example.) I see the idea status here is "Completed". Is it still possible since the idea was submitted in 2011? I can't find a way to report anything on attachments other than the yes/no flag in "Has Attachment?" in Setup > Exports > Submissions. We would like to access: title, whether it was submitted "private" or not, direct hyperlink.  Shall I submit a new idea? Hi Sarah - this is what I see - no change to the Linked Ideas image icon - when you click on one of the ideas you can see that the image used is that of the idea's category and not that of the webstorm. Thanks Sarah!  Was this actually deployed? I'm not seeing any change yet. I always want to read the oldest first, but others may want to read the newest first. It would be great to be able to fix the default sorting order based on user preferences once and for all. @Alex Imberti thank you, this worked! I had no idea about this extension. On a browser session with 0 extensions enabled though, middle-click still doesn't work so I wouldn't say that a conflict of extensions is messing up the middle click behavior in my case. I'm fine with this solution personally, but not for our users, as it is not a solution I can deploy. I'd be keen to hear the follow-up developments to this idea for Chrome. Thanks for the tip! Hi Anthony, I checked with Chrome, which represents over half the sessions to our webstorm. The status of this idea was changed to "Completed" but I cannot confirm that the idea was implemented as the requirement stated - is the feature perhaps not released yet? Another case for this idea is the terminology used for "Admin" comment since as admins we also see "Administrator Only" fields in red in the idea itself. - An "Admin" comment goes to all users, including non-admins, and is highlighted as a key comment. - The "Administrator-Only" fields are visible only to admins. If we had the possibility to add "Private" comments from View Idea 2.0 there would be *less* confusion on the audience of the "Admin" comment. I still believe the audience terminology needs revisiting here, in addition. Related idea D13315 ""Private" comment and "private" attachment to refer to the same audience" This was flagged as "Already Implemented" - I can see "Ctrl+Click" is working but middle-click still isn't and opens the idea in the current tab as opposed to in a new tab, which is browser convention. Could someone please comment on the status change? It would be great to be able to schedule at whatever frequency reports that can currently be exported manually by webstorm admins from setup > Exports @Joseph Childress thanks for the notification! Great to hear this has been considered and deployed so soon. I have tried to use it today unsuccessfully - anything that I try to open takes me to "Sorry! This action item has been deleted. Navigate to your Action Items List to see your current open action items" - I see this link is trying to be opened https://xxx/app/action/action/prescreen/18581 as opposed to this link https://xxx/app/action/prescreen/18581 Could you check?
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