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Name : Matthew Greeley
Work History: Proud founder and CEO of Brightidea Inc. A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. Startups are often product-centric and characterized by innovation. #FAKEGRIMLOCK
Expert Skills: Check out Brightidea Videos: Twitter: @brightidea @mgreeley
❤️ @Carlos Cajilig is she seeing a bug?  See her response to Jean above. @Carlos Cajilig #commerical #adminlicense #pipelineadmin #enhancementrequest #productmanagement #ideabox #adhocscorecarding #continuous Agreed. #cpm #quickwin @Carlos Cajilig #quickwin #platform #completedidea #status Need status-specific emails #suggest #findowner Hi @Victoria93, is this a download for a single submission or all submissions in an initiative? @Carlos Cajilig do we not have additional form fields and development questions in the current exports? #cpm Interesting idea... Would impact downstream functionality (assign by category), etc. Thanks @Adam Treloar, I understand you don't want categories to be available on the submission form.  Would the ideas associated with the category still be associated with them after they are archived? @Carlos Cajilig @Roderick OConnor #cpm Oops repeating myself. #CPM  I'd make it sticky to last setting per user, per initiative. Could also make it an option and part of app config as I imagine it will vary by use case. @Genevieve Wang this is relevant to “first step in every pipeline with no tool.” @Shamir Allibhai  @Carlos Cajilig this anywhere on your list. I'd probably story last used selection per initiative...  (may differ by use case) (possibly initiative-step) #cpm #1000 (For status change comments) @Carlos Cajilig    might want to use pinned admin t̶w̶e̶e̶t̶s̶ comments (edited) #1000 #ccm #cpm Actually they want: - A user selector - or enter a non registered users email... auto register... send welcome email? - allow rules engine to access email of said user. This is WDOs #1. @Carlos Cajilig @Genevieve Wang
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