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We use Survey Monkey or Google forms. It is not needed now, but a "Poll Widget" would be useful in the future. We'd like to drive people to our innovation platform whenever we can. Thank you, Anthony! If this cannot be done in the scheduler, perhaps a rule can be created that we can apply to specific steps. This would be very useful! @Cara Uribe I was referring to when I am in the setup area, but I see that it would be useful to be able to filter by last name in the People Pillar in Command Center too! Thank you, @Chris Clobus. I just tried it out and it is helpful on the ideas and in the setup area. I will enable it going forward. :) I see the value in this. We have found some vegetable, slang user names, and first name only on our system. If the administrator could choose to default to first and last name for user name that would be ideal. Thanks, Cara. True it does show up on the front-end in the URL. The WebStorm setup area is the place where it would be most helpful, but I've also created links to new pages within my WebStorms and while you are on them you cannot tell which WebStorm you are in (it's not included in the URL) and you cannot hit the back button because they are usually set up to open in a new window.  Maybe it's not possible to show Challenge name here and we will need to include it in text editor, but at least in the setup area would be great! Having the idea #'s displayed would also be helpful Agreed - great idea! We would like to be able to change the labels and add/edit fields. I agree - this would be very helpful! Right now when I provide reports, I have to run 2 reports and put them together. Thanks, Damian! I will check into Slack - I've not heard of it. And I'll watch for more info to come.
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