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I just recently learned that the screen name has to be unique. If you are thinking about locking this to some form of FIRST LAST or something, just consider what happens when you hire multiple John Smiths. I stand corrected. I tried it myself and when I visited, and even commented on this idea it was still in the "New to Me" view. When I voted on it, it suddenly disappeared. I wonder if this is more of a BUG than a new feature idea. Have you submitted this to support@brightidea.com yet? Are you sure that the trigger is not yet rated, or not yet clicked on to view in detail? I believe the currently functionality (please correct me if I am wrong) is that when you click on an idea's title from the list, that item is taken out of the list of "Ideas new to me". Your example for Tag notifications is addressed by users "unsubscribing" to the tag in question. Rather than allowing the user to subscribe/unsubscribe to ALL tags in one fell swoop, the current system actually gives more control to the user to remain subscribed to only those they really want to be notified about. With that said, perhaps the user profile can have a widget of all currently subscribed tags with the ability to quickly add/remove tag subscriptions with ease. That would actually be pretty cool. Also, since the ability to unsubscribe from individual tags already exists, you may want to consider editing the template for the email announcement that is automtically sent. Add some text to that emai template to the effect of "Getting too many of these emails? Here are instructions on how to unsubscribe from this tag:....." Show me the love folks! Can I get a promote here? @Matt @Michelle Fairbanks @Anthony Madama @Brian Wright @Nicholas Selk @Lou Ostdiek @Vincent Carbonenc @Celia Seib @Paul Tran @Sandra Ponce de Leon @Sean Tori @Jason Hardy-Smith Thanks for the tagging feature. Let's see if this experiment in self promotion comes off as spam or enthusiastic outreach. @anthony Madama, This was the exact idea I was talking to you about at BOF! To view as a specific user in order to doublecheck permissions is a great idea. reasonable evolution of the report. Nice! Great UX idea. Agreed. The system emails do look dull and the formatting does change from what I've set up to what gets sent out. I would really like to just be able to embed images into the system emails. Oh, I see that now. Yep. That is exactly what I was thinking about. You read my mind. For some reason, my mind thought any sort of downloading or reporting would be contained in the rule itself and not at the higher level "Actions" menu. But now that you've shown me where its at, I'd say this idea could be marked as "completed". The voting functionality can be repuposed for this. But instead of calling it a vote, call it a "join" or something. It would have to look different too with a different lable, but people could "join" and "leave" just like they promote and demote an idea. Additional benefits: The rules engine could trigger actions based on the number of "joins" an idea has. Imagine an automatic escalation of an idea into another status once 5 people have agreed to join the team. There are now lists of the people who promoted and demoted ideas along with their one line comments which could be hidden or shown... This translates PERFECTLY into spontaneous listing out of the group formation. This even works with Chip Voting. If the campaign was set up to allow only 1 chip per idea, and people had a certain amount of "join" chips (preventing someone from joining 10000's of ideas) it still works. I've had this thought too. I have resorted to doing this manually to get a report from GoodData (ask your BI rep about it) which can generate a report that lists out all of the users whose last login was over X (30,60,90) days ago. Then you can send out an email to them once in a while saying "Hey, we miss you!" If you want more info about this GoodData report, drop me a line (ddetlefsen@wms.com) -David this sounds familiar. I think this is a duplicate. But still a good idea none the less. Multiethnic should be multiple Stupid autocorrect! I used to REALLY want this feature too. After all, different types of ideas should be treated differently with different workflows and different standards of justification and evaluation. The same way this can be achieved is to use Webstorm Enterprise and run multiple webstorms simultaneously. This will give you your topic specific submission forms workflows evaluator sets etc. this also allows the user to first select which category their idea related to first BEFORE getting to the submission form. This makes more work for the affiliate admin to manage multiethnic webstorms instead of just one but this is the only way I know to have this sort of "category before submission form" accomished. great idea. I suggest this be linked to a similar idea of mine D6686. Yep. I agree. As the feature currently stands, one can check on the 90th day to see if there are enough votes. But if the idea reaches its limit before those 90 days, there is nothing to check that on a daily basis. One could also trigger on a voting event as well and check both the voting score and days since submission. There are some work arounds, but a time based trigger will still be very valuable. thanks for the comment. Oh, man. The more I think about this, the more it makes sense. The one simple item (time based triggers) would allows me a UNIVERSE of custom work flows to manage my idea process!!!! I know the rules engine is only in beta, but this would be a POWERFUL feature. I hope its relatively easy to implement since somewhere in your code you already have chron-jobs to send out email digests. The admin should be careful with such a feature. I think I see where the thinking is going, but if you get too far into "which one do you like, A... B... or C..." that would turn your webstorm into just a survey tool. This could be good to help submitters classify their ideas, but if you are asking them to make a decision of only A/B/C for example that could take away from a campaigns message of divergent thinking. This is not something that HAS to work this way, it could just be an unintended consequence (but so could any missuse of multiple choice submission questions). This closely relates to and is more justificaiton for D9570 "X Views by Y Users". Yes Nick, very similar to the Platform comment categories. But back on the platform, the admin or webstorm moderator could not add, remove, or edit these categories. They were hard coded. Bring back the comment categories with the ability for admins to set a label on them and I'd be a happy admin! Here is another implementation option... create a type of webpart that cannot be removed (ala the login widget). Have the title, description, categories and tags be made out of those. Then we can reposition those around the page as needed, yet if they still are required for legacy code reasons they won't be able to be removed from the page. *Better yet, if they are removed from the page somehow, in the back end of the code stop making them a required field already!* Let's see: 1) Which if the following possible communities are you currently supporing in your program? (Check all that apply) End users, buyers, distributors (i.e. channel owners), internal employees, Upstream suppliers/vendors. 2) On a scale of 1-5 how mature is your organization's resource management processes ensuring you know how much newness your development staff can handle? 3) How mature is your decision making process (is it clear to everyone involved how things get added to your roadmaps?) 4) How entreprenurial is your company culture (i.e. how easy or difficult is it for individuals to develop their own ideas and get support for their implementations?) 5) Does your management was lots of ideas or a few quality ideas? 6) To what extent is employee participation mandated in your company? (ranging from "it's there if you want to use it" to "nothing gets done and you can't get your work accomplished unless you go through BI". 7) What is the most important metric you are using to determine the success of your innovation program? I could probably go on and on... Hi Sean. I tried to send you a message about this idea but I am not sure it went through the system. I'd like to talk to you about this idea on the phone. Here is my email address (ddetlefsen@wms.com). When you have a moment, can we exchange phone numbers and talk about what you did in your picture above? -David
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