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Name : Sean Tori
Job Title: Business Analyst
Work History: I presently work as the innovation program administrator at a mid-sized insurance subsidiary that sells insurance policies over the internet and phone. As program administrator I am responsible for running campaigns and soliciting actionable ideas from employees at all levels. My responsibilities also include idea research and implementation in addition to the management of our idea collection portal provided by Bright Idea. When Im not running a campaign or researching ideas I focus on implementing unique business-empowering systems that can be deployed or changed with minimal IT involvement rules engines content management software widgets api services cloud databases etc.
Expert Skills: Contract Law Risk Management Liability/Negligence Damages Evaluation Innovation and Idea Management Creative Solutions Lifelong Learning Process Improvement Cloud Technology SaaS Database Management
Hi Michelle - yes I knew that. However, it's not for me. For the specific field that I want to sort/filter on, my end users are the ones who want/need to filter, and they don't have access to Webstorm Admin. I'd really like to be able to see the idea board default to list view always. I know you can manually force this with hard-coded links (like but after submitting your idea it reverts back to the default setting. Thanks Damian - This worked! Oops - nevermind! I'm voting my own idea down - There is a pencil in view ideas 2.0 that is next to the current status that lets you change it while viewing it. I also want it filtered for a community - having an enterprise notifications only is not helpful. Great idea Stephanie - Check out D9380... I had actually submitted this before. Great minds think alike! This is great I'd love this. We have an FAQ's document but it would be a lot easier just to hover over it and view the description. Check out  D8232 - I actually had submitted this before! THANKS @Matt!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see this is getting some traction - I'm still trying to use the dependent questions feature but can't since there's no option to make them required... I can't use the dependent questions feature without an option to make the dependent question required. I guess we should mark this one as implemented ;) I like this - some people would want MY LANDING - some people would not.  I really like this one. There is an option to turn off show voting history... This is an interesting one. I like the concept but I feel it needs more discussion... YES YES YES! I have a few people who were blocked accidentally, they emailed me confused, I couldn't figure out why they weren't able to get took tickets with Bright Idea to figure it out. Love this! We need it so bad! We've got some horrible screen names - people don't know what to put there. Some of our users are putting their windows login user ID which is something like uswsnt07 for myself... I love the way Tumblr does it, as you've described. I've asked for this before as well... I've asked for this a few times - I hate how it doesn't copy that setting! I'd like to see "unique visitors" as a field - that's similar to views but it's only logged once FYI-There's a workaround to download from the back-end (Switchboard), so the data already exists, it's just not in the Webstorm or Enterprise reports. great idea kathy - i had posted this before. i wanted to disable voting and commenting in certain statuses... Looks like this was just implemented in the latest release!!!!! This should be deferred/removed since it is an existing feature. You can submit from enterprise via this page: I think this was implemented! I am seeing "you dont' have access to this campaign" error messages now! The other option is a separate status of "Merged" for all children and you can't take it out of that. I even like that better.
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