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@Ollie  what i have done in the past is leave the categories blank (thus, there are no categories configured on the form) and then create a new multiple choice question with the categories i want to enable. This is the best way to achieve what you need, the only drawback, is that you will lose any functionality related to the default category settings, such as assigning evaluators depending on category. I hope this helps. I'm interested! Sounds good. We can even discuss and iterate on the ideas on that spreadsheet so that we can submit them with "better quality". I see this is happening on most of the platforms i own. How can we enable/disable it? Exactly, that's why i also proposed an idea to have a configuration command line where i could just passed a configuration script and be done with the configuration It's done on PIPELINE SETUP -> COMMUNICATIONS -> EMAILS. I'm attaching a screenshot of a challenge i created a few months ago, but that is showing these emails (The ones with the green dots). Let me know if this helps This would be helpful. In our case we have a pipeline specifically designed to "incubate" ideas, so after we have received ideas on different challenges, we have to manually copy/move them to the Incubation pipeline. It would be great if we could enable a rule to do this automatically. Hi @pgarden , apparently this can be done now, i configured it on one of my platforms last week and it's working like a charm. I just realized i need this as we began configuring communities on a customer's platform. It's useless for someone to have community admin rights, without being able to see the metrics or a dashboard on how they are performing. I hope this can be implemented "soon" in normal time (not BI time) Good question, i hadn't thought about that. I guess then it could be done in different ways.  One way is like you just said, include all 1000 categories on the filtering list. Another option would be to have an idea Board 3.1, where before any filtering, you have to select a specific challenge and then you would see the categories related to that challenge. Another way would be to have a limited filtering for Enterprise Idea Boards that only includes common parameters between different challenges such as Author /Idea Submitter, Status, Favorited,  liked, commented by me, etc. On the current idea boards for enterprise (2.0) there is no way to easily filter ideas from many challenges. you said it can be done with communities, but we don't use communities on our platforms and it's not so easy to do for someone with no expertise on the platform (Most of my colleagues wouldn't be able to manually edit the URL). It really doesn't matter if it is idea boards 2.0 or 3.0 (or 3.1 or 4.0 or any number) as long as we can have a way to allow people to browse all ideas on the platform. In the case i described above, i said this would be useful when you need to have 2 or 3 webstorms for a single challenge (e.g. when for some very specific reason, you need 3 different forms,so you have one on each webstorm), so basically you dont need to have all 1000 categories available, just the ones you select that can be displayed. The list of webstorms that are displayed on this enterprise idea board has to be configured by the administrator, just like they can configure which challenges are shown on the "Visual Initiative List (Large/small" widget on enterprise pages. (that why i wrote an update where maybe it would be better to have an Idea Boards Widget where you can define all the challenges that will be listed on that board). cool, i'll look forward to it :) Thanks This is interesting. Maybe, instead of deleting them, they can DEACTIVATE the idea so it wont move forward on the process, but we as admins can still see it in case we want to use it in the future or try to identify why people are deleting their ideas. Boardofinnovation.com has many canvases. Maybe an agreement could be made with them and include many of those methodologies/canvases on the platform? I proposed something similar a while ago here https://bi.brightidea.com/ideas/D17691 It would be great if both ideas could be implemented Yes, this has been requested many times.  If voting is not part of your process, then why are we seeing that message, it confuses users who are browsing ideas. I even proposed changing the name VOTING for something different, as a VOTE is associated with a decision of what idea wins, and maybe people are voting an idea just to give support. Maybe even having the ability to change the word vote for something else. Hey Damian, what has worked for us is to keep sso as the only login method on Enterprise setup, and then have a separate webstorm that only uses brightidea login, so normal user login directly to company.brightidea.com, while users who don't have AD must go to customer.brightidea.com/login (login is the webstorm that has only brightidea login enabled). UPDATE: Maybe it would be more useful and customizable to have a WIDGET for this enterprise idea board. If we enable a sort of widget-like solution, we can have MANY idea boards available for different groups of challenges. Lets say you have challenges A, B, C, D and E. If we only have one idea board, we can show ideas for groups A+B and not for C+D+E, but if we use a widget, we can have simultaneous idea boards for those two groups of challenges. Hi, this is possible right now, although it has a very limited functionality since you can only use the Idea Boards 2.0 page at the enterprise level an not the 3.0 version. In my case, the idea boards at the enterprise level can be accessed here: https://xxxxxx.brightidea.com/ct/c_list.php Maybe the solution would be to add a "separator" character between tags, and not putting them in separate columns. I have the same problem when exporting information about ideas with multiple submitter, where all submiters are in a single cell and you have to separate them manually in order to do any data analysis. I've had customers ask me the same in order to get meetings scheduled in google calendar. Would be very useful. Ha!! It's working! I guess this was solved (by accident?) during the summer release. I tested it on 2 different platforms where it wasn't working before, but now it appears to be ok. Would also be useful when running initiatives in 2 different languages. I guess it is also partially implemented because this only applies to the APP, not the site viewed on a mobile browser. Good point. The exports you get from the "Manage step" view are very incomplete and basic. Most of the time you have to merge various reports and then add some extra info manually if you want to generate a status report.. well, apparently there are changes coming to the submission form, like being able to rearrange the first questions (title, description, attachments, etc) so MAYBE we might get a few extra things, like this one :fingerscrossed:
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