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Name : Genevieve Wang
Job Title: Senior Director of Product Management
Good point - I was thinking in the Action Item, but I could see it being a convenience to be able to edit via View Idea after completing the Action Item the first time. @Carlos Cajilig FYI re: administrator license management - could be captured as a future slice. @Carlos Cajilig - related to Days in Step (though not as an export) Relates to thinking about "one free admin" to do system setup...could also do user access. But can't create/config initiatives or manage ideas... #keyinsight for Review tool @Carlos Cajilig FYI but *may* be too big for CPM. @Carlos Cajilig - maybe just track vanity URL for Communities as a potential enhancement. Seems like a gap. @Carlos Cajilig FYI - might be worth bringing up in a CPM meeting. Should be easy but I don't think it's that important. FYI @Carlos Cajilig This should be true already...what am I missing - @Nate Lalau - any idea? Could be a quick win given current formatting @Carlos Cajilig Not aligned with our current thinking/mental model for Drafts. Done - thanks! Done - thanks @Damian Dugdale! This was high on Alison’s Solve backlog. May be a bit big for #cpm? Thoughts @Carlos Cajilig? @Carlos Cajilig seems like a potential for #cpm (we should confirm with @Matthew Kenney) FYI @Ryan Arnaudin - potentially one of the top 5 things to do to support “Completed” idea status - evolve the “status change” system email message. I think this request is for Individual Assignment for Find Owner tool. @Ryan Arnaudin as FYI for future needs for advanced routing in Idea Box Large/Croissant Good one for #cpm @Carlos Cajilig #internationalization #translation FYI Shamir (can’t tag for some reason) #categoryassignment #professionaledition Seems to be a feature that should be made available in product editions with advanced category assignment @Carlos Cajilig #cpm My opinion is that Idea ID is always available in Idea List views and Idea ID always returns the idea in search @Carlos Cajilig seems like something we could look into as part of #cpm. Would love to do some cleanup here! #ai This is probably beyond the scope of CPM - could be part of a strategic deep dive on #incubate, one of the flavors of #continuous / #alwayson.
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