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Name : Paul Tran
Job Title: Director of Business Development
Work History: Xerox Oracle Sybase IBM and Brightidea....
Expert Skills: Sales and Business Development
Very useful improvement idea! Yep. Make it default view. This is how Quora works. @Alex Imberti  What do you think about this idea? Maybe an NFR? Another identical idea: Identical idea: Same idea as this one: YES! Not only does it need to be label also needs the ability to add additional fields. Love the photo! I'm gonna commit you to this pose Kuhan Milroy at the BOF 2015! Cristiano Kruel @ Simplez Yes. Thanks for submitting this idea. We have completed this new feature. I've had this feature requested multiple times from other clients. I believe this is fixed now. Popups are now label editable using the new label edit feature under Enterprise Admin Options. Here is the announcement on it: This is a good idea. Currently the app only displays image attachments but I can see how to display other file types from within the app. Alternatively (as a immediate fix) we can make it so that any non-image attachments cannot be that it doesn't confuse the user. There is already a screen on the mobile app that shows the Challenge topic and description and current stats. The screen can be seen by tapping into a Challenge then tapping in info icon on bottom right corner. This submitted idea bring up the fact that we need to make this screen more visible to users. I will take a closer look at perhaps making it appear or a brief moment each time a user launches the Challenge. Wonderful idea! There may be an option for require each new user to fill out fields in their profiles. Please check with your sales rep. GE actually has 2 visualizers pointing to 2 different webstorms: GE VISUALIZERS: GE Healthymagination Visualizer: GE Ecomagination Visualizer: Since this idea is more related to the brightidea product and not the partner community, i am moving it to our IdeaExchange. I'm moving this idea to our public IdeaSpace for customers...since this WebStorm is dedicated for ideas to improve our Partner Program itself. Thanks for thinking BIG Konstantin. The numbers certainly do add up to a lot. If you can find a sponsor willing to run a WebStorm campaign in this way, I'd be open to giving it a try. Great idea Michelle. I moved it to our IdeaSpace WebStorm where all feature enhancement ideas for our product are held. Thanks Jorge for this idea. I am moving this feature enhancement to our IdeaSpace instead of the Partner Community. We have listened to you and implemented this idea. We have implemented a Campaign Information screen on the new release of the iPhone app v3.8 which is scheduled to be released to iTunes early next week. The new Campaign Information screen will provide users the following information about each campaign: - Campaign Title - Campaign Description - # Users - # Ideas - # Comments - # Votes See attached screenshot of new Campaign Information screen. Thank you for your idea submission. It helps improve our products. Thanks Andre for your post. We have already built an Admin Option checkbox (on the individual campaign level) which toggles on/off whether the campaign should be displayed on the mobile app. This is a Beta feature which has not been GA yet....but we have been using it and it works. PS reps have access to this feature. Promoted... i better understand this enhancement idea. I promoted your idea Jim.... You may want to check out the email digest feature in beta. It sends users an email digest of all recent activity each week to keep them engaged.
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